Without passion and heart, there is no soul....


Tigermilk strives to be much more than just another bar and events company, we aim for perfection and we aim for the stars because we feel you deserve it!


Taking our first bookings as an events company in December 2013 the ball was officially rolling for Tigermilk Events before opening our first bar in April 2014 'Tigermilk at The Duke' underneath Plymouth's 150 year old hotel 'The Duke of Cornwall'.


Tigermilk at The Duke is a 1920's speakeasy inspired bar hidden underground with just a small plaque and a light to alert you to it's presence. Tigermilk's buzzer entry system, nostalgic decor, first rate service and carefully crafted drinks means you will be forgiven for thinking you're not in Kansas anymore.


Our inspiration is to offer a mature and welcoming drinking den for those wanting to escape the traditional drinking experiences of Plymouth. We are very aware that there is a growing number of Plymouth residents and tourists searching for new food and drink experiences with a higher demand for passion and quality.We don't think you can ever too old to enjoy a good night, revel in the company of good friends and relax in an ambient setting with some good drinks.


If you find yourself searching for better quality, great conversation, music you can hold a conversation over and feeling welcome in a bar then Tigermilk is the place for you!

“The tiger with the quiet roar.” 

 -   PL Magazine  -


“Great cocktails at Tigermilk, Eric Chan & Mark Smalley's bar hidden beneath the Duke Of Cornwall”

-  Bar Magazine  -


“Speakeasy bars are popular in some of the biggest and most glamorous cities in the world...... Now Plymouth has one too!”

-  Plymouth Magazine  -

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