Greedy Goose Plymouth

The Greedy Goose really is one of Plymouth's best gems! High quality food in beautiful surroundings and a nice relaxed approach to fine dining. We work closely with these guys, sharing our passions for food and drink, be sure to check them out!

Devon Chef's Club

Devon Chef's Club is a gathering of local chefs and suppliers to test recipes, sample new ingredients and show of new dishes. It goes between different restaurants who take it in turns to demonstrate their skills. Tigermilk are regular attendees and have been involved in food and drink pairing sessions.


Frytography is responsible for the vast majority of photography you will see throughout the website. Frytography started off by capturing the people and surroundings of Devon with his great street photography, he now specialises in wedding and automotive photography styles.

Duke of Cornwall Hotel

The Duke of Cornwall Hotel is the building in which we live, a prestigious 150 year old hotel. The DoC hotel has been at the heart of everything in Plymouth since it's first day of trading and has continued to be a bif part of Plymouth to this very day.

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